The $99 Mobile App for Events.
And It Even Powers Your Website.

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A Lightning Fast Mobile App.

Your Mobile App automatically stays up-to-date and keeps your attendees informed. And since the data is stored locally, you'll be safe even if wifi goes down.

Showcase Your Event Schedule.

Sched makes it simple to display your schedule in a gorgeous and intuitive design. Fully-hosted & seamlessly integrated into your website or Wordpress site.

Personal Agendas = Social Media Wildfire

Attendees can create a personal agenda on your website and mobile app. Sched makes it so easy to share online that events typically gain a +251% viral lift in traffic.

Meet Your Audience.

Discover your most influential attendees and popular content. Increase your sponsorships with insight into your audience demographics and detailed brand affinities.

Dead-Simple Content Management

Eliminate errors by inviting your team to manage everything in one place. Automatically kept in-sync and backed-up.

Speaker, Sponsor and Exhibitor Profiles

Stop juggling hundreds of bios and photos in your inbox. Easily invite participants to add their own and you control it all.

Eventbrite Ticket Sync

After attendees purchase a ticket, they get logged-in instantly to create their schedule based on the ticket rules you define.

Attendee Directory

Your attendees get a rich profile and can network ahead of time. Sched even highlights friends and contacts also attending.

Try it instantly for your event with a free, unlimited trial. Create My Event
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